Finetec Watercolours 12pk

Finetec Watercolours 12pk

SKU: F02132
Brand: Finetec

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This plastic large set contains 12 Pearlcolors with a diameter of 23mm each. coliro Pearl Colors are handmade by the Finetec GmbH,

* They are manufactured using Mica-Pigments and Gum Arabic
* They are light-fast and pigment-rich
* They are handmade in Germany
* They are free of animal ingredients

The following colors are included: Silver Pearl (Shimmer), Fine Gold (Shimmer), Shining Pink (Shimmer), Red, Fine Lilac (Shimmer), Red Violet, Blue Pearl (Shimmer), Blue Silver, Green Pearl (Shimmer), Blue-Green (Shimmer), Bronze, Red-Brown.

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