Fabriano Artistico 22x30" 140lb R **Minimum Order Quantity of 3**

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**A Minimum order quantity of 3 applies on website due to the fragility of this item when shipping**

(300gm) If you are looking for a real ROUGH texture, Artistico is a must !

Fabriano Artistico papers are a well-known, widely used and fairly inexpensive watercolor support. Papers are mouldmade, 100% cotton, acid free, surface sized, with two natural deckle edges, and the watermark "C.M. FABRIANO - 100/100 COTTON" along both edges. The rattle is moderately bright and somewhat rounded.

The Rough finish (grana grossa in Italian) offers a really unusual texture: a fairly smooth surface cratered with many differently sized, overlapping "ball peen" indentations. This produces the most pronounced pooling of granular pigments (cobalts, ultramarine blue, cadmiums) of any moderately priced paper. The color is a creamy warm white. The sizing is moderately heavy: despite its texture the surface does not exhaust a brush, and it takes washes very evenly.

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