Encaustic Wax Set Starter^

Encaustic Wax Set Starter^

SKU: E01605


^NB comes fitted with 2 pin plug

Encaustic student kit (starter kit)
This interesting starter kit includes all material required for the classic painting technique with hot wax: „encaustic“
Along with a detailed step-by-step instruction manual, which carefully introduces and describes all the important techniques of encaustic painting, the kit also includes all materials and tools
you will need.

1 encaustic painting iron 230 V - 180 W
1 encaustic scraping knife
5 sheets encaustic board A5
10 sheets encaustic board A6
10 sheets encaustic board A7
6 encaustic painting pens in the following colours:
Real red, medium blue, pea green, golden
yellow, white and black
1 detailed instruction manual

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