Derwent Procolor Wallet 17pk

Derwent Procolor Wallet 17pk

SKU: D02806

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Contains everything an artist needs to get creative outdoors.
Suitable for a wide range of drawing techniques, Procolour pencils are richly pigmented with the perfect combination of a strong point and a smooth laydown. Minimal chipping and dusting keeps work clean and smudge free. Accompanied by an A5 Sketching Pad, two Graphic Pencils and a bundle of handy accessories, this stylish wallet is an ideal gift for those who love to draw from life.

10 Procolour Pencils, 2 Graphic Pencils: HB and 2B, 1 Blender Pencil.
1 Metal Sharpener.
1 Plastic Erase.
A5 Sketching Pad.
30 sheets of 165gsm.

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