Daler Rowney Glaze Medium Gloss 75ml

Daler Rowney Glaze Medium Gloss 75ml

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Brand: Daler Rowney

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A white translucent cream which increases the flow and transparency of acrylic colour to facilitate the production of the fine glazes which will dry to a gloss finish. Drying times will be retarded and transparency and gloss will develop fully as the colour dries. Used as an adhesive, Glaze Medium is ideal for collage and craft work such as decoupage onto wood, board or even flat stone. When using masking tape for hard edge, glaze medium can be used to prevent colour seepage and helps produce perfect edges.

Mix 90% glaze medium with 10% System 3 colour to produce a transparent glaze for painting. Can also be used in Screen Painting by mixing glaze medium with System 3 acrylic Printing Medium 1:1 and then adding System 3 colour to produce clear glazes.

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