Cold Glaze Casting Set 8pk*

Cold Glaze Casting Set 8pk*

SKU: C06223


CREARTEC Cold glaze starter kit

This package has been put together so that any coatings feasible with this marvellous liquid plastic, whether transparent or opaque, can be created.
For this purpose, it contains not only the resin tinting colours, but also metal powder, which may also be mixed into finished glazes as a pigment, for example, to create a magnificent gold effect.

The package contains:

1 bottle of cold glaze resin and curing agent, 50 ml each
5 small bottles of resin tinting colour in the following shades red, blue, yellow, white, and black, 2 ml each
1 small bottle of metal powder pigment, gold 2ml
2 stir sticks
2 mixing cups, 30 ml each, with measuring scale
1 copy of instructions for use

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