Clutch Lead 5.6mm Magic 6pk

Clutch Lead 5.6mm Magic 6pk

SKU: C06272


Koh-I-Noor's Magical Multicoloured Artists' Leads will make your 5.6mm clutch pencil write in multiple colours at once!

Is it really magic, or is there some trickery going on? We're not members of The Magic Circle, so we can divulge the secret - each lead is made from strips of different colours, running all the way through the lead, like the letters in a stick of rock. The result might not fool Penn and Teller, but it's a colourful effect, and should entertain children - and many adults too. That's magic!

Pack of six sticks of multicolored leads. Colour combinations vary from lead to lead, and change as you turn the pencil.

A pack of six refill (5.6mm diameter) clutch leads (120mm in length) to be used in conjuction with a holder.

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