Clock Movement Quartz 11mm With 6 Hands

Clock Movement Quartz 11mm With 6 Hands

SKU: S55788
Brand: Stafil


The quartz clock movement kit with hands incuded that are ideal for replacing defective units or for creating your own personalised clock projects.

The Kit allows you to make any number of different clocks from CDs, papier mache, even paper plates - the only limits are your imagination. Use paper crafting techniques to design and build clocks that will suit any room and express your creativity.

Red second hand.
Hands are secured on tapered shafts with second hand secured within spindle
Supplied complete with 6 hands (3 Ornate or 3 Regular), nut, metal washer and rubber washer

NB SHAFT length:
7 mm thread length approx
11 mm total length approx

Quote product reference: S55788

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