Book Just Draw It!

Book Just Draw It!

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The drawing course that sets free your creativity Aimed at anyone who would like to be able to pick up a pencil and just draw, this book provides a foolproof way to pick up the skills—and most importantly the confidence—to sketch and experiment without the hang-ups and inhibitions that can all too often get in the way of our creativity. Just Draw It! is suitable for anyone, from self-styled artistic no-hopers to aspiring artists who want to get new ideas and skills. It is organized as a series of exercises, all of which will provide you with essential practice for your brain, eye, and hand—from trying out rapid-fire sketches of moving objects, to detailed observation of tones and contrast, to capturing the mood of a scene, or looking at its structure through the formal rules of perspective. The result is a deceptively powerful drawing course that does not feel like a course, designed to conquer your inhibitions and develop a love of drawing and sketching that lasts a lifetime.

Table of Contents

• Suitable for everyone - from beginners to advanced artists

•A drawing course that does not feel like a course. A fun way to conquer your inhibitions

• A wide range of unusual exercises covering how to draw moving objects, how to use contrast and tone, how to draw in perspective and much more

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