Bamboo Brush Large Orchid

Bamboo Brush Large Orchid

SKU: B58082


The H2D Orchid Bamboo Brush is what is called a wolf hair brush. But all “wolf” hair brushes are not actually made of wolf hair. They historically may have been but nowadays with the greater demand, wolf hair is not a resource that is feasible. The hair is actually a type of rodent hair the most accurate English translation would be weasel but probably not the exact animal that a Western person would identify as a weasel.

The price of the brush has to do with its consistent quality. There are many brushes that look similar but will not perform nearly as well in painting or writing calligraphy. On these less expensive brushes, the hairs will come out, the brush will unreliably come to a point or the hairs will be to soft to give the stroke “bounce” and energy or to stiff to allow the brush to be more versatile and paint shape strokes like the ones used for leaves.

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