Artograph Tracer Projector^

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Brand: Artograph

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^Please note this item is supplied with a two pin plug!

NOTE: As per instruction booklet: We do not recommend using photographs or resin-coated prints with the Tracer. Photographs were not intended to handle the intense light and heat created by a projector. Photographs may be adversely affected by the heat and light. If using original or valuable art, we recommend that you project from copies if it cannot be replaced! (Customers: This artograph has been used for photographs but at customer's own discretion)

The Tracer enlarges any design or pattern onto a wall from two to fourteen times the original size. Projected image can be easily traced and coloured as desired. No set-up necessary and simple to operate. Standard 100-watt bulb included. Needs to be used in a dark room.
A blend of simple design and Artograph quality provide the beginning artist or crafter with an effective, time-saving tool. Sketches, patterns, photos, graphics, crafts, fabric decorations, and small three-dimensional objects, can easily be projected onto a wall or easel for fast and easy viewing or tracing.

Simply place the projector on top of the image or object, push the on/off switch, and the image is instantly and clearly projected. The Tracer can project both color and black and white images.

Copy size 5" × 5" (12.7 cm × 12.7 cm) can be enlarged up to 14 times its original size. No set-up or assembly is required. The projector has a maximum incandescent illumination of 100 watts, operates silently, and uses a single-element 200 mm optical glass lens. Portable, it weighs only 3 lbs (1.3 kg). Requires voltage convertor to 110v (Ireland to USA). One year warranty.

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