Arches 22x30" 640gm/300lb Rough  **Min Order Quantity of 3**

Arches 22x30" 640gm/300lb Rough **Min Order Quantity of 3**

SKU: A01001
Brand: Arches

€17.95 €16.50 €1.45 (8%)

**A Minimum order quantity of 3 applies on website due to the fragility of this item when shipping (sheets priced individually)**

Available in sheets 640g/m (300lb) 56x76cm or 22x30"

Arches Aquarelle (watercolour) paper is unique, it's manual gelatine-sizing process and painstaking manufacture make Arches watercolour paper the reference paper among artists and the world leader in 100% cotton watercolour papers.

The Arches paper is greatly appreciated by watercolourists for its special qualities - stability, colour rendition, resistance to tearing and fluffing

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Judy Shinnick

Arches Watercolour 300 lb Rough

I've been using this paper for several years and although expensive, it is well worth the price. It is very sturdy and can take a lot of abuse. I rarely have to discard and start again - which is very unusual for a watercolourist!

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