Alcohol Ink 100ml Cleaner

Alcohol Ink 100ml Cleaner

SKU: A58646


100 ml Fluids Cleaner for Alcohol Inks

Our Fluids Cleaner has been specially developed for use with Alcohol Inks. Due to its special formulation, our Cleaner has a greater cleaning power than pure isopropanol. Additional additives provide a higher but gentle dissolving power and reduce the evaporation rate. This makes cleaning easier, more thorough and you reach your goal quickly with a low cleaner consumption.
The practical spray head helps you to use the cleaner. Use Fluids Cleaner to make corrections to your Fluid Art artwork and to clean your tools and surfaces.

Fluids Cleaner is not intended to dilute alcohol inks. Its components deteriorate the chemical properties of the inks to such an extent that they negatively influence the advantages of the inks, from the colour to the flow properties.
To lighten and dilute our fluid Alcohol Inks we recommend our specially developed Blending Solution.

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