Spraycraft SP30KC Gravity Feed Airbrush & Compressor

SKU: A02761


Spraycraft SP30KC Gravity Feed Airbrush & Compressor Kit

A single action gravity feed airbrush and minicompressor with 3 pressure settings.


• SP30 Gravity Feed Airbrush
• Hose
• Mini Compressor 230v with inbuilt airbrush holder
• Instructions

Airbrush Characteristics:

• Gravity feed top mounted 2cc colour cup
• Needle/Nozzle diameter 0.4mm
• Constant air flow & easy to maintain

Compressor Characteristics:

• Very quiet in use with power 9W, current less than 800mA
• Max air pressure 15psi
• 3 pressure settings: Low (6lpm), Medium (6.5lpm), High (7lpm)

Single Action

A method of activating an airbrush whereby depressing the trigger delivers air and drawing back on the trigger releases paint.

Gravity Feed

Gravity airbrushes have a cup in the top of the body. Less air pressure is required as the paint is drawn to the tip by both gravity & air pressure.


The Spraycraft range is a collection of great value airbrushes, ready-to-use kits and accessories for the beginner as well as the enthusiast. From easy-to-use single action broad stroke to dual action detailed airbrushing, Spraycraft offers the right solution.

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